Petra Zrníková

Your professional in medical translations from English into Slovak

Every word matters when it comes to life


  • Teaching at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin
  • Co-operation with Slovak and English native-speaking doctors


  • Regulatory documents
  • Clinical trials
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Surgical devices
  • Research papers


  • Courses of medical English
  • Preparation for certificate examinations
  • Co-operation with native-speakers

I worked at Faculty of Medicine in Martin where I taught courses of English for General Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. I also taught a preparatory course called English for Medical Sciences (C1) for an international certification examination within the UNIcert® system.

Translating the papers for my colleagues at the faculty encouraged me to move in a new direction.

While doing my Master´s studies, I discovered that brain functioning and information processing during reading fascinates me. This led me to enrol in a course of psycholinguistics at a summer school at University in Utrecht.

Later, as I was researching my dissertation thesis topic, I returned to add to my knowledge of reading processes using an eye-tracking method.

I always dreamt about a job, which would go well with my passion for travelling. Talking at international conferences and meeting interesting people gives me that opportunity.

I am also a member of European Association of Language Teachers for Healthcare (EALTHY).

You can find more information in my profiles at LinkedIn and ProZ.


We have been working with Ms. Zrníková for quite some time during which time she has been responsible for translating and proofreading documents from English and Czech into Slovak. During this period of our collaboration she has provided excellent service. Her attention to detail has always impressed all of us.

She has always met our strict deadlines and operated within that allotted time to complete the tasks in the utmost professional manner. Ms. Zrníková always follows instructions carefully and has shown excellent management and communication skills.

Sabina Wrightsman, World Translation Center

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